Shipping Policy

Shipping Policy

ups ground transit time: yellow:1day, light brown:2days, green:3days, maroon:4days, orange:5days, grey:6days

This map shows the transit time, in business days, when UPS ground shipping is used.

If USPS Priority Mail x-Day™ is used, the transit time is x(1-3) days. The specific transit time will be given at checkout. The transit time given is a general guideline for arrival and is not guaranteed. (DUE TO COVID-19 PLEASE ALLOW 1-2 DAYS FOR AN ITEM TO BE PACKAGED FOR SHIPPING) If the order is placed before 4PM EST, it will be shipped the same day, unless otherwise noted on the products page for that shipment. Orders placed before 2PM EST will have a better chance of meeting the USPS transit time given.

For guaranteed delivery times, please use USPS Priority Mail Express, UPS Next Day Air® or UPS 2nd Day Air®. Orders shipped with UPS Ground will also have guaranteed delivery times in accordance with the map above. (DUE TO COVID-19 PLEASE ALLOW 1-2 DAYS FOR AN ITEM TO BE PACKAGED FOR SHIPPING) For orders using UPS, placed after 1PM, please call us if you need the order shipped the same day.

If the package will arrive to the customer more quickly, we reserve the right to change the shipping method used unless explicitly told not to by the customer.

For items with free shipping, we will ship out one exchange with free shipping to you as well. If a second exchange is needed we will require a shipping fee. Free shipping items that are returned for refund will receive a refund of the total item price subtract a $9 shipping charge. When multiple free shipping items are ordered and are returned for refund the ship charge will be either $9 per item returned or the amount it cost us to ship the order, whichever is less.